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I've been known to be a bit of a nomad. Born in Wickwar, England - via France, Connecticut, Illinois - I landed in San Francisco, CA. where I was raised to be this hybrid California British Lady. Once I was old enough to leave home I traveled back to London to re absorbed my roots while diving into the theatre scene. I spend time studying at the Actors Centre and Pineapple Studios in Central London, I worked with the Actors and Writers of London, performing in a variety of stage readings for the group. I also was cast as Hyppolyta in the Comparison Theatre Company’s production of A Midsummer Nights Dream, and twice as a featured soloist in the Hinde St. Musical Theatre Showcase. After London I decided to fly over to Honolulu, Hawaii. I spent three years on hiatus there enjoying the sun, culture, and the theatre. I performed in Diamond Head Theatre’s production of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas as the sassy Angel and continued my studies with Laurence Paxton for voice work and took regular classes with the Hawaii Ballet.

Somehow I found my way back to San Francisco where I attended San Francisco State University. During my two years there I worked on a variety of shows: Working, Equus, Hay Fever, NINE, Our American Myth, Hamlet, and CHICAGO.

I graduated from San Francisco State University in May 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama Performance. I moved to New York City in September of 2012 to pursue and figure out whatever this is. 

On the way I wrote, produced (along side New Dance Theatre), and starred in a one woman show A Date for the Evening. Which premiered OFF OFF Broadway as a part of the Frigid New York Fringe Festival in February of 2014, it then toured it's way to California for the WEST COAST premiered at the San Francisco Fringe Festival in September, 2014 - before returning OFF OFF Broadway as a part of the Emerging Artists Theatre New Work Series in October, 2014. Capping off the year I performed A Date for the Evening at Mutiny Radio & Cafe in San Francisco, CA. with special guest Rin Tin Tiger  and streaming live at MutinyRadio.com as a PODCAST.

I appeared in a feature film entitled Good Funk cast by Devin Shacket and directed by Adam Kritzer. Appeared as a Party Goer in Ready, Set, Go! Theatre Companies web series R & J. As a soloist I sang in The West Ends' cabaret Gender/Bender and produced and sang in a cabaret A Night of Musical Comedy with co-producer Devin Shacket, we also ended up producing one more titled A Musical Playground. Both cabarets performed at the Parkside Lounge.

Finally diving into the Film and Television writing scene full heartedly I have continued expanding my writing knowledge. Scavenging for anything and everything that can help me absorb more of this wonderful life. 

Oh, and I moved to Los Angeles, CA. in January, 2015.

When I'm not writing in random local coffee shops through Los Angeles, I am most likely doing yoga on a pier, in a studio, or in my own living room, cooking a variety of foods, having way to much fun at a grocery store then anyone ever should, watching various television shows and movies, and attending local music concerts.

On the way I plan on making a difference within my community.

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Celestial Zenith

Tim Goodwin Photography. Copy Right 2014.


Tim Goodwin Photography. Copy Right 2014.

Celestial Zenith's Resume. Updated Nov. 2014.

Celestial Zenith's Resume. Updated Nov. 2014.


A Date for the Evening March 5 2014 Frigid New York

Theatre Is Easy .com - Written by Shoshana Roberts

"Celestial Zenith is an asset to the acting world."

"...Zenith convinced me completely that she was conversing with someone new, regardless of the dialogue. It was her eyes once again, and then her posture and her chemistry with the unknown person sitting in front of her that did this. With her commitment to her character I felt her bring varied energies to respond to each individual man that we could not see."

A Date for the Evening March 4 2014 Frigid New York

Stagebuddy . com - Written by Christine Cali

"...[the show] moves quickly, the transitions are clean: Zenith adjusts her diction and tone while Stowe shifts the actress’s position on stage as well as her focal point so the audience can keep pace. Zenith’s movement and cadence are jagged and frenetic (wise choices because this Girl is delicate but not graceful)..."

Hay Fever May 17 2011 Broadway West

Tri-City Voice Newspaper - Written by Vidya Pradhan

“...Special mention must be made of Celestial Tranquility [Zenith], who plays Jackie Coryton, one of the bemused guests; her restrained performance provides the perfect foil to the over-the-top performances of the Blisses.

Equus April 2011 City Lights Theater Co.

A Good Reed Review - Written by Ande Jacobson

“...The remaining cast members are in non-speaking roles, but Claire Hein, Shane Rhoades, and Celestial Tranquility [Zenith] all move well, and fill out the ensemble....Opening night ended with a well-deserved standing ovation.”

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas September Oct 2007 Diamond Head Theatre Co.

Honolulu Advertiser Newspaper - Written by Joseph T. Rozmiarek

“...And the women's chorus demonstrates country backbone in joining Miss Mona for "Girl, You're a Woman," and strikes the right chord of country angst with "Hard Candy Christmas":”

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe November 2004 Tabard Theatre

Metro Silicon Valleys Weekly Newspaper Nov. 2004

“...a high stepping unicorn (Celestial Zenith)...representative movements (Zenith’s unicorn was exceptional)...”